Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (TWEET) Foundation is a registered body under the Mumbai Charity Commissioner led by seven trans activists. Two of our leaders live openly with HIV and have worked with the HIV-positive trans community for over decade; three are transmen; and board members of the TWEET Foundation include leading activists in India who have been working with the trans community for over 15 years. The trust empowers trans communities and trans persons to fight for their justice and equity.

The work of the TWEET Foundation is wholly for the welfare of trans persons: their education, medical treatment, legal standing, and cultural and social upliftment.

  • We partner with community institutions (healthcare, judiciary, and educational), private medical practitioners, legal cells, political parties, and religious groups to strengthen the awareness and acceptance of trans persons.
  • We work towards the establishment, conduct, and maintenance of group care homes for elderly trans persons and trans persons of all ages living with physical disabilities. We additionally grant financial assistance and psychosocial support to institutions performing similar care services.
  • We contribute to educational and scientific research and development towards the betterment of transgender rights, health, and wellbeing. To do so, we build partnerships with major institutions such as the World Bank, World Health Organization, UN agencies, India government, political parties, and other trusts who are championing similar initiatives.
  • We provide relief to transgender people living in poverty, and advances and supports government schemes and programmes which are transgender-friendly and seek to uplift the socioeconomic level of trans persons (e.g. Swatcha Bharat Abhiyaan, Make in India, etc.).