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Must-watch Video Advocacy Around Trans Education

GoNews covered the news around trans education with TWEET Foundation yesterday. We sincerely thank all our trans family members who stood with us in this advocacy.

Queen of Dhwayah 2017 – Transgender Beauty Pageant

Kerala to host its first transgender beauty contest in June 2017.  When it comes to gender equality, Kerala has been taking extra measures towards greater inclusively for the transgender community. After government jobs and hosting an athletic meet, the state is now gearing up to… Continue Reading “Queen of Dhwayah 2017 – Transgender Beauty Pageant”

Campus Report: Bias Forces Transgenders To Drop Out

NEW DELHI: The law empowered them and the court opened doors but it will take a lot more to fight well-entrenched prejudice and bias. Getting a university education remains a traumatic experience for transgenders, forcing some of them to drop out and explore options. They move away… Continue Reading “Campus Report: Bias Forces Transgenders To Drop Out”