Vaccination Awareness programme


Covid-19 Vaccine Awareness Competition by TWEET Foundation is a collaboration work with Transmen Collective. Covid-19 has disrupted the lives of many people. 

This pandemic has affected the marginalized trans communities and has been an extremely catastrophic situation for the entire community. The vaccine is believed to be one of the major resources to combat the spread of Covid-19. However, due to hesitancy and misled information on the effect of the vaccine on hormone replacement therapy, the fear has prohibited a huge lot of Transgender populations to avoid taking vaccines. The other reason for fear amongst the community is the complication around legal identities and the mandatory requirement of documents for vaccination.


For this TWEET Foundation came up with the idea of creating awareness for the community by the community. We went out and asked for participation from community artists, influencers, poets, dancers, anyone or everyone who has a certain talent that they can use to create awareness about vaccination. It was a call for all the Trans-Artists in the country to showcase their skills.

COVID Vaccination Awareness Competition for Transgender Community encouraged trans-artists, poets, memers, reel makers, singers to showcase their talents gain visibility, and at the same time create awareness for the need for vaccination in the community.

We launched this campaign with Transmen Collective on 15th June to get registrations, and we got an enthusiastic response of a total of 30 entries for participation in the competition. This campaign was launched with Transmen Collective on the 15th of June, as the start of registration and the responses were extremely delightful and inspiring with 30 entries for participating in the competition.  

The participants were first asked to register for the competition by filling the registration form and then post their creative entries on Social Media handles like Instagram and Facebook with the tags @tweet_foundation and @transmencollective so that we could track the people who were participating in the competition. For the selection of finalists, the criteria decided were relevancy, creativity, originality, and message for the community.

The competition was held on 25-26 June when 20 participants posted their paintings, reels, songs, poems, posters, etc. on their Instagram and Facebook Handles. And the most amazing thing about this whole competition was that most of the participants were Trans men, who are 

The participants were first asked to register for competitions and were then asked to post their works on respective handles like Instagram and Facebook with the tags @tweet_foundation and @transmencollective to track the number of contributions.

The major competition was held on 25th-26th June, where 20 participants posted their paintings, reels, songs, poems, posters, etc.  For the selection of the finalized the major criteria were relevancy, creativity, originality, and the message which was conveyed.

There were several prizes which were associated with the entire event right from the first position to other versatile positions like Popularity Prize, Regional language participation to certificate of participation for every participant.

The entries comprised of poems to beautiful posters to a song and even an animated video highlighting the importance of vaccination in the transgender community. The entries were in English, Hindi, and also in regional languages such as Bengali, Gujrati and Odia.

Some participants had posted their pictures with their posters as well. Most of the entries were creative and to the point on the theme. One person even made a parodical song on the importance of getting vaccinated while another person’s poster emphasized the fact that a vaccine shot is important for staying safe from coronavirus and a testosterone shot is important for living one’s life as one wants.

The entries included poems, posters, songs and even animated videos highlighting the importance of vaccination in the community. It comprises several languages like Bengali, Gujrati and Odia. Some participants have posted their pictures with the posters too. One of the participants made a parodical song describing the importance of vaccination, emphasizing on the vaccine as well as testosterone shot and its importance in leading a healthier life.

It was one of the events which was successfully concluded by being able to implement the objective which was to build more awareness around the importance of vaccination.