Our Skilling, Leadership, and Placement Projects

Currently, our skilling projects aim to provide technical and career-ready skills to transgender individuals. These skills range from computer literacy skills, to personality development courses, English training courses, and career exposure workshops. We also help in the provision of certain technical skills.
Currently, we work with the following partners
for skill development:

The launch of Skill-MATE 2.0 in 2023 marked a significant advancement, focusing on essential skills like Digital Literacy and English proficiency. Key outcomes included enhancing English communication through courses and workshops, improving MS Office proficiency, providing mental health support through counseling sessions, and offering interview preparation support. The curriculum emphasized these areas to ensure candidates are well-prepared for diverse job roles and professional growth.

Outreach efforts leveraged social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp to engage a broad audience. Collaboration with community-based organizations (CBOs) helped share the program's message and onboard suitable candidates. A comprehensive needs assessment and a rigorous Intermediate English program were conducted for 54 trans candidates. The digital literacy component focused on advanced Microsoft Office skills, with a hands-on MS Office Bootcamp.

Career Talkies served as an inspirational space for youth, showcasing role models and diverse career paths, breaking down barriers, and fostering a sense of possibility.
Mental health experts provided critical counseling services to 41 trans youth, and public awareness sessions on affirmative parenting and diversity in trans identities were conducted.

A key activity was a 7-day placement bootcamp in partnership with Ubisoft, focusing on essential skills, interview preparation, resume building, and industry-specific mentorship. The program successfully facilitated placements for 10 trans individuals in companies such as Netflix, The Lalit Hotel, Capgemini, Foundever, and Varun Beverages Limited. Success stories like Saryu's role as a Quality Analyst at Varun Beverages Limited and Shivansh's position as a Sales Executive at TATA GREENS the program's impact.

Supported by a team of dedicated mentors, including an English Language Coach, Facilitator, Psychology Expert, and Digital Skills Consultant, Skill-MATE demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Run in collaboration with Ubisoft and TWEET Foundation, a trans-led organization established in 2015, Skill-MATE aims to strengthen the young transgender community financially, preventing them from falling into poverty and providing opportunities for skill-building and employment.

The TWEET Foundation is dedicated to empowering transgender individuals by addressing the critical barriers they face in education, employment, and social inclusion. Despite legislative progress, the transgender community continues to struggle with limited opportunities and societal acceptance. Our foundation recognizes that overcoming these challenges requires a multifaceted and collective approach.

Our flagship initiative, the Skills, Training, and Employment Program (STEP), targets the profound employment disparity within the transgender community. Alarmingly, only 6% of transgender individuals are formally employed in the private or NGO sectors, with many resorting to sex work, domestic labor, or begging due to a lack of viable alternatives. Education is a significant barrier, often preventing financial independence and professional growth.

STEP aims to transform lives through comprehensive support, focusing on three primary objectives:

1. Educational Advancement: We support transgender individuals in pursuing higher education, helping 23 beneficiaries enroll in courses across various sectors.

2. Professional Skilling: We facilitate advanced professional training, benefitting 29 individuals and equipping them with the skills needed for career excellence.

3. Inclusive Employment: We place a high priority on securing employment in inclusive workplaces, successfully placing 39 beneficiaries in such environments.

Outreach efforts span both online and offline channels, targeting Delhi NCR and Mumbai, and leveraging the foundation's network, including shelter homes and career development programs.A total of 216 candidates, comprising trans men, trans women, and non-binary persons, have registered, underscoring the program's extensive reach and impact.

Career counseling is a cornerstone of our support, providing personalized guidance through aptitude tests, course selection, and tailored feedback. This has benefited 62 candidates, empowering them with the confidence and insight needed to make informed career decisions.

Our partnerships amplify our impact. Collaborations like the on-the-job training program with Lalit Hotels offer practical exposure, while initiatives like EY Ripples provide mentorship, brand-building, and networking opportunities.

The stories of change, such as Anuj's successful placement as an HR Analyst at Mahindra Logistics and Bela's role at Aparava Energies, highlight the transformative power of our initiatives. However, challenges persist, including the need for extensive counseling, documentation delays, and balancing candidates' time constraints.

Led by a dedicated team, including Project Coordinator Garrgi, Director Maya, Outreach Associate Rashid, and Career Counselors Apurva and Anuja, the TWEET Foundation is committed to fostering an inclusive society that values and empowers transgender individuals, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

In 2023, Hexaware extended financial support to both the Garima Greh and Gurukul for Trans Excellence programs, aiming to enhance the socio-economic status and income of transgender individuals. The initiative offers a variety of support services such as recreation, medical facilities, and counseling, emphasizing the rights and welfare of transgender persons. Key objectives include providing shelter and care at Garima Greh, Goregaon, training for 40 transgender persons, placement opportunities in corporations, and "Make-up and Beauty" skills training for 40 individuals in Mumbai. Additionally, the program aims to provide "Career Ready" skills to 70 transgender individuals.

The Career Ready Program (CRP) was conducted in three cycles throughout 2023, with a total of 121 candidates completing the training. The program covered a broad range of skills, including digital literacy, self and career awareness, soft skills, workplace ethics, and job application. The Make-Up and Beauty training program was conducted in two batches, training 40 individuals in various makeup techniques and client building.

Garima Greh residents participated in numerous engagement activities, such as Friendship Day, Independence Day, Onam, and Diwali celebrations, along with workshops and visits from organizations like EY Foundation and GSK Pharma. These activities fostered community bonding, cultural participation, and personal development

The project directly benefited 170 individuals through CRP, Garima Greh, and Make-Up & Beauty training, with placements facilitated for these beneficiaries. Additionally, the project positively impacted the broader transgender community through awareness, advocacy, and community engagement activities.

Success stories from Padma, Mivan Chauhan, Aadijay, Monika, and Rugved illustrate the transformative impact of the TWEET Foundations initiatives. These individuals, through the support and training provided, have overcome significant personal and professional challenges, securing job offers, gaining confidence, and achieving personal growth. The collaborative efforts of Hexaware and TWEET Foundation have been instrumental in fostering meaningful transformations and empowering the transgender community.

The Learning and Employment Advancement Program (LEAP) AASRA Gurgaon, in collaboration with Acuity and TWEET Foundation, has made significant strides in empowering transgender individuals with career-ready skills. The program aimed to provide career skills to 30 transgender individuals, ultimately reaching 37 participants. It also sought to expose 30 individuals to various career opportunities, achieving the same number. Placement support and opportunities were provided, targeting 22 placements and 8 further studies/skilling opportunities. The program successfully placed 11 participants, supported one self-employed individual, and facilitated further skilling for three individuals. Six more candidates are actively seeking jobs with ongoing mentorship.

Outreach efforts included online campaigns via WhatsApp and social media, partnerships with NGOs like Mitr Trust and Basera Samajik Sansthan, and event outreach at the Trans Employment Mela. The Career Ready Classes focused on building essential job-ready skills, covering topics such as self and career awareness, trans rights, English and digital literacy, workplace skills, and financial literacy. Career Awareness Workshops featured sessions with McKinsey, Randstad, and trans artist Raj Veer, discussing digital skills, interview techniques, financial literacy, and careers in art and vlogging.

From January to March 2024, a Career Ready Workshop emphasized personality development, English speaking, and computer literacy, aiming to equip 20 transgender individualswith skills for corporate careers. Additional engagement activities included participation in the Trans Employment Mela, promoting LGBTQIA entrepreneurship with BeUnic and TWEET, and hosting a panel discussion during Pride Month along with the official project launch ceremony

A detailed placement tracker was maintained, documenting student IDs, CVs, chosen names, education, location, employment status, and final outcomes. The program’s comprehensive curriculum, outlined in Annexure 1, covered a wide range of topics such as orientation, identity, Canva and vision board creation, email and office tools, decision making and goal setting, financial literacy, SWOT analysis, time and anger management, POSH, social media and cybercrime awareness, resume building, interview preparation, and public speaking. This holistic approach ensured participants were well-prepared for their professional journeys