TWEET Foundation is fundraising for trans* people in need for their health and other urgent critical situations.

Trans people in India are dejected by families and society. With no where to go already, how does one recover from any life threatening health condition or livelihood situation ? This pride month we ask you all to come forward in mutual aid and help these trans people with some amount of monetory support

This pride month, step forward and feel free to donate any amount in this tough and critical time for them. Together we can make a positive difference in their lives.

Here are some fundraisers that you can donate to this Pride month.

  1. Help Kiran Fight Arthiritis and Spondylosis
Link for Kiran’s fundraiser

2. Help Aditya fight the life threatening cyst

Link to Aditya’s fundraiser

3. Help Prince Walk with dignity

Link to Prince’s fundraiser

4. Help Sintu Bagui rebuild her house

Link to Sintu’s fundraiser

5. Help Inaya and other young transwomen get their Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and live with freedom

Link to Inaya’s fundraiser

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