As you are aware, across the country, trans persons are struggling to survive this pandemic. We are curating a list of fundraiser that are helping the vulnerable transgender community during this extremely critical time.

  1. Link to Joyita Mondal’s fundraiser to support the transgender kitchen during Covid19
  2. Link to support Daily wage transgender workers from north east India
  3. Link to Tweet Foundations Urgent Covid19 relief support for 1000 transgender persons in India
  4. For Donors outside India click here – Milaap fundraiser

The Below Fundraisers have met their targets ❤

  1. Link to Pharm Foundation’s (Chennai) Fundraiser
  2. Link to Selvam’s Fundraiser
  3. Help Rakshika (first transgender nurse in India) raise Covid Support for her community
  4. Link to Tweet Foundation’s Shelter Home (Mumbai) Fundraiser / For Donors Outside India click here
  5. Link to help Bangalore based Nammane Summane led by transwoman raise 1 lac for grocery support

If you know of any other trans individuals or organisations raising covid relief funds please write to use at

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