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Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust (TWEET) Foundation was conceptualize in 2015 after realizing there are serious gaps at the national level on trans issues to take forward the advocacy, research, capacity building and empowerment of the trans organizations.

TWEET Foundation has been active since 2015 and in process to discuss with various stakeholders around the potential gaps in the transgender work in India at the national level since there are various trans organizations which are already operating at the state level and doing good work. However, these organizations are focused around the HIV and health access work. Some organizations are doing good work on the advocacy and social welfare in states like Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Hyderabad and especially Maharashtra. However, their efforts are specific in their states and limited at national level since most of these organizations are based in specific states and has limited visibility and interest to create difference at the national level.

TWEET Foundation is led by four transgender people (two of them are living opening with HIV and working with the HIV positive Trans community over decade). Board members of the TWEET Foundation are professional transwomen who have been working with the HIV for more than 15 years and are considered leading activist in India.

That the objectives of the Trust shall be wholly for the Transgender, Welfare and protect rights of transgender people in our Society, their education medical treatment, cultural & Social upliftment for undertaking other Social activities . To uplift the Socio economic level of transgender people as per the Supreme court NALSA judgement, April 2014 etc. and incomes shall be applied for the same and accumulated in India wholly for public & charitable purposes without prejudice to generality of provisions aforesaid and the following shall be deemed to be the principal objectives of TWEET Foundation.  Read More....

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